Jay-R And 3 Other PDA Scholars' Controversies


Pinoy Dream Academy Graduate and 1st Runner Up Jay-R Siaboc has just launched his debut album last month in ASAP 07. The reception of his fans was great and the press, in general, loves him.

It was going out so fine until something detrimental to his career happened just recently.

I remember, there was an interview with Jay-R where he was sharing his experiences during their US Tour. He said that he was so overwhelmed with how PDA fans showed their support to him, and to other PDA Graduates such as Irish Fullerton, Panky Trinidad, Chad Peralta, Ronnie Liang and Grand Winner Yeng Constantino.

According to him, he went there with only one baggage on hand, but when he came back, he had three baggages, because he received a lot of gifts from his fans abroad.

But, it was not actually the ideal US tour that Jay-R dreamed of. Dream Big Productions who handle their music careers, has confirmed the rumors of that they've sanctioned Jay-R, Chad, Irish and Panky due to having improper behaviour while in the US.

Panky and Irish were revealed to have attitude problems, and it had something to do with professionalism, how they treated fans and drinking while inside the hotel where they checked in, which was a big No-No for them. And how about the dear boys Chad and Jay-R?

As reported on news, they had no attitude problem, but they were sanctioned because they switched rooms with the girls. Panky and Chad in one room, while Irish and Jay-R sharing also one room, which was not supposed to be. There, it was divulged that Irish and Jay-R are on, and so with Panky and Chad.

I then remember Jay-R telling the press people that having a girlfriend is not a priority for now, because he still has to save more money to buy a house and lot for his family in Cebu. But what's the fuzz between he and Irish all about?

I don't wanna believe that Jay-R lied to the press, but I guess whatever happened between Jay-R and Irish in the US was probably just for a night, and nothing more.

I hope he'd still be given a second chance.

Here are pics of Jay-R Siaboc:

Jay-R and Maja Salvador in Your Song

Jay-R and Yeng

Jay-R with his rumored girlfriend Irish

PDA Top 6

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