Bruce Is Guilty!


Bruce Quebral has finally admitted to his acting girlfriend Wendy Valdez and to Big Brother as well, that he is a "committed" person.

Big Brother is indeed very good in putting up some "drama" in the house. Aside from the "Dr. Love" audio tape, he also played a song, which is believed to be the theme song of Bruce and his real girlfriend.

Bruce's girlfriend also sent a letter to him, assuring him that he has nothing to worry about herself and her family, except for her father, who is sick and still has no knowledge about their commitment to each other.

According to him, it's crucial for him to tell the truth because it might diversely affect his girlfriend and her family, which I suppose is not in favor of their relationship.

With this revelation, will Wendy still get close for Bruce? Or Bruce shall give up her girlfriend over Wendy?

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  1. bruce should think a thousand time before giving up her gf??????