Azkals vs Mongolia Live Updates: Phil Younghusband in pink boots | James Younghusband scores 1st goal | Mongolia wins, 2-1


Azkals vs Mongolia AFC Challenge Cup 2012 Pre-Qualifying Game Live Updates
March 15, 2011
Ulan Bator, Mongolia

It's the 'Azkals vs Mongolia' 2nd pre-qualifying game today, as aired live on Studio 23.It's being held at the 2,500-capacity stadium in Ulan Bator City, Mongolia, and the players are definitely feeling the cold weather.


The game started at 1PM with the Philippine Azkals in blue jersey while the Mongolian Blue Wolves are wearing red.


Phil Younghusband stands out as the only one wearing pink boots. He's wearing this one, the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly II:

It's the same type of shoes worn and endorsed by Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal. Nice one Phil!

Will the shoes bring luck to Phil?


Maybe. But it's his brother James who's feeling the luck 'coz he's the one who scored the first goal for the Azkals during the 3rd minute of the game.

All the Azkals are wearing thermal underwear and James probably has the warmest underwear lol.


It was an early goal, yet it's still too early to celebrate for the Philippine team 'coz Mongolia scored a goal during the 21st minute (by team captain Donorov Lumbengaran) and another one on the 34th minute (by Baysgalan).


Mongolia is definitely enjoying the home advantage and is adjusting well to the cold temperature while the Azkals is suffering from it as well as feeling the loss of Neil Etheridge as its goalkeeper.

Eduardo Sacapano took over Neil's place for this particular game and I hope some fans won't blame him for those 2 goals by Mongolia.

Sacapano was also blamed by some fans when the Azkals lost to a college football team in Japan, 4-0, during their tune-up game last week.


Half-time of the game ends with Mongolia on the lead with 2 goals against 1 of the Azkals.


During the 2nd half, Phil Younghusband god injured and had to leave the game. Oh no!

And he's not coming back, making the game a bit boring.


No goal scored on the 2nd half, making the final score 2-1 in favor of Mongolia.

And since the Azkals scored 2 goals against a goal-less Mongolia during Game 1 held in Bacolod last month, it's still the Azkals who's moving to the next round, the group stage qualifying round in Myanmar. They have an aggregate score of 3 while Mongolia has 2.

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  1. I found a pair of these shoes for sale on in new condition , I wonder if I wear them will they be a game changer when I play.

  2. I hate the mongolian people...Someone throw from the fans in the Azkals team...They were ill mannered....

  3. sayang naman ang npanghanda nlang laro pero go.go.go......go...azcals team im yuor fan from kalinga football club

  4. how can azkals play for asian cup they're lost in mongolia they're only enjoying for travel not for the game.....

  5. "I hate the mongolian people...Someone throw from the fans in the Azkals team...They were ill mannered..." ... hehe ... that was quite tame actually... mongols were pussycats, compared to patrons of la bombanera, ali sami, or san siro... the most intimidating part of the stadium was the artificial pitch. (you can easily get injured on that stuff, like someone did... P Y'and..)