John Lloyd Cruz - Shaina Magdayao hospital scandal not true, says Boy Abunda

New couple John Lloyd Cruz and Shaina Magdayao are allegedly the couple being referred to in the "hospital scandal" rumor which broke out 2 weeks ago.

It actually started just a blind item at Pinoy Parazzi entitled "Hindi mahugot-hugot: Sikat na young couple, magkapatong na isinugod sa ospital?!"

According to the article, the (unnamed) couple allegedly were brought to a private hospital in QC because the boy's pen got stuck inside the girl's vag while having "6" in a condition called v*g*n*l captivus. So nasty and funny right?

But the more appropriate term is p*n*s captivus, which according to some case studies only happens in mating dogs. Wow!

And allegedly, they were rushed to the hospital with the boy or girl on top of each other and were covered by a blanket so as not to be recognized in that shameful incident.

John Lloy Cruz under the blanket

John Lloyd and Shaina actually have nothing to react because it was only a blind item and it was the people who commented on the article naming them as the couple in the hospital scandal.

One commenter alleged that his/her friend's doctor friend at St. Luke's Medical Center confirmed that it indeed happened.

And tonight on SNN, Boy Abunda denied the rumor and said that it's very untrue.

Why is Boy the one denying the issue?

Boy didn't clarify if John Lloyd or Shaina was the one who told him it's not true, but he just simply denied it.

He asked SNN viewers not to believe the nasty rumor. With that, as a result, the world now knows the issue and will continue to speculate when in fact it was just a blind item not to be taken seriously.

Photo courtesy of Star Cinema


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