USJR Cebu Video Scandal 2013 surfaces online | Girl student on video will still graduate despite the scandal

Cebu City's USJR Scandal 2013 is circulating online and the graduating student in the said sex video scandal has been allowed to graduate this March.

The USJR Scandal 2013 Video started to circulate in January among cellphone users in Cebu City, until it's now being watched on the internet, where it was uploaded in 2 parts (titled as Cebu USJR Scandal 2013 Part 1
and Part 2).

News reports have confirmed that the girl on sex video scandal is a student of University of San Jose - Recoletos (USJR), a Catholic private school in Cebu City.

Reportedly, the girl has been identified to be someone who has a very sacred name and is a 24-year-old HRM student who's already a candidate for graduation from USJR this coming March. She is also said to be a scholar and has been a Dean's Lister many times in the said university.

But in this case, she's really not that intelligent 'coz she consented to the act of videotaping her intimate moment with boyfriend. She's also seen wearing her school uniform and ID in the video.

But of course, everybody commits mistakes, even the wisest people on earth. She admitted her mistake and USJ-R officials have not expelled her from the university.

In a press statement released yesterday, USJR President Rev. Fr. Enrico Peter Silab said that USJR has allowed the student on scandal video to graduate this March provided she's able to complete the academic requirements of her course and comply with the necessary procedure for graduation.

It's one courageous, commendable act by USJR not to expel the student. They have just showed that they do not condemn, and that they embody virtues of forgiveness and compassion, which was the right thing to do. If it were other Catholic shools, expulsion could have been the sole option and the girl's future could have been very uncertain.

According to reports, the scandal video was stored in her former boyfriend's cellphone which got lost 2 years ago.

You have learned your lessons now Girl. Time to move on and good luck on your graduation! -

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