Will Smith slaps reporter Vitalii Sediuk after a kiss attempt

Will Smith slapped a reporter on the face at the premiere of his latest film "Men in Black 3" in Moscow, Russia yesterday, May 18, 2012.

Screenshot by screencrush.com

The slapping incident happened after a Ukrainian reporter reportedly tried to kiss Will Smith on the lips while the "Men in Black 3" star was on the red carpet.

Will Smith slapping the 'reporter', who was later identified as TV prankster Vitalii Sediuk, was caught on video and it's all over the net.

I have watched one on Youtube (just go there na lang), and it seemed like Sediuk was just trying to kiss Smith on the cheeks.

And obviously, the actor wasn't prepared for that and even thought Vitalii Sediuk was going to kiss him on the lips.

Some netizens believe that Smith overreacted (to which I agree) and some even are convinced he's homophobic.

But we can't blame the Hollywood. Yes, I agree that Will Smith should have not slapped the 'reporter' right away, but the 'reporter', I think, was also to be blamed for being so FC ("feeling close"), and should've not made advances which for the actor were very unwanted.

According to TMZ, Will Smith later said the 'reporter' was still lucky that he didn't punch him.

"Men In Black 3" is opening in our local theaters on Wednesday, May 23. © www.mykiru.ph

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