Karen Reyes (the new Tricia Santos?) is nominated again on PBB Teen Edition 4

Karen Reyes of Oriental Mindoro (photo), Kit Thompson of Pampanga and Mariz Raneses of Cebu City, who survived eviction last Saturday, are all nominated again this week on Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen Edition 4.

It's now the 3rd time for Kit, Karen and Mariz to get nominated, and joining them on the nominees list for the first time is Clodet Loreto of Davao City, who actually got the most nomination votes this week from her fellow housemates.

Kit and Mariz were both nominees during the 1st and 3rd Nomination Nights, while this is already the 3rd consecutive time for Karen, who's considered by many as the new Tricia Santos.

Tricia was the most hated housemate of PBB Teen Clash 2010 (Season 3) who survived 5 evictions before being evicted on the 6th time when the "vote to evict" system was introduced only 2 weeks away before the Big Night.

And it seems like Karen Reyes, who also has many haters, is becoming Tricia Santos of the new edition if she continues to survive evictions and top the voting bigtime just like in last week's eviction results when she survived after getting 42.44% of the total votes. That's quite a big percentage of votes, considering there were 5 nominees.

Though during the 1st time she got nominated, it was Myrtle Sarrosa of Iloilo City who led the voting with 42.19%, followed by Karen with (also high) 32.73%, beating Nikka Javier of Batangas, who got evicted, with only 15.08%.

On Saturday's 4th Eviction Night, one among Karen, Kit, Mariz and Clodet will leave the house, and many of Twitter users bet it's going to be Clodet as "Bye Clodet" became a trending topic both in the Philippines and worldwide right after she was announced as among the nominees for this week.

If you can remember, "Bye Karen" also trended worldwide the first time she got nominated, but look what happened: she got saved. Will it also happen to Clodet?

Alec - 2 pts Kit, 1 pt Mariz
Clodet - 2 pts Tom, 1 pt Roy
Jai & Joj - 2 pts Kit, 1 pt Clodet
Karen - 2 pts Myrtle, 1 pt Clodet
Kit - 2 pts Clodet, 1 pt Mariz
Mariz - 2 pts Clodet, 1 pt Karen
Myrtle - 2 pts Karen, 1 pt Clodet
Roy - 2 pts Clodet, 1 pt Mariz
Ryan - 2 pts Clodet, 1 pt Mariz
Tom - 2 pts Mariz, 1 pt Clodet
Yves - 2 pts Kit, 1 pt Karen

Clodet - 12 pts
Kit - 6 pts
Mariz - 6 pts
Karen - 4 pts
Tom - 2 pts
Myrtle - 2 pts
Roy - 1 pt

*No one nominated against Alec, Jai & Joj, Ryan and Yves. Are Alec, Joj, Jai and Ryan the nicest housemates of PBB? 'Coz since the 1st Nomination Night, none of the housemates has nominated against them.
*So far, Alec, Jai & Joj, Roy, Ryan and Tom have never made it to the official nominees list.
*Karen and Myrtle nominated against each other. Same goes for Clodet and Roy, Clodet and Tom.
*For the 3rd consecutive time, Myrtle and Mariz have nominated same names. Myrtle and Mariz both nominated Karen & Claire the past 2 weeks, and for this week, they both nominated Karen & Clodet.
*Kit, Roy, Ryan and Tom have all named Clodet and Mariz as their nominees.
*All boys except for for Yves nominated Mariz this week.
*Mariz hates Karen? It's already her 4th consecutive time to nominate Karen.
*Myrtle meanwhile nominated Karen for the 3rd consecutive time.
*Alec again nominated Kit for the 3rd time.
*Roy, Ryan and Tom also nominated the same housemate (Mariz) for the 3rd time.
*During the past 3 nomination nights, Ryan nominated Vince, Nikka and Claire who were later evicted. This week, he nominated Mariz and Clodet. And it's most likely that one of Ryan's nominees, again, will be the one who will get the boot this Saturday. So far, Ryan has a perfect score of 3 out of 3 and no other housemates have achieved that on this edition.

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