'American Idol' 2012 Results (Finale) - Winner announced!

American Idol 2012 Finale - Live Results, May 23

Who will be announced as American Idol 2012 winner? Read below for live updates of the American Idol Season 11 finale, which is happening Wednesday night (Thursday morning MLA time.)

I'm so nervous and excited. Who's your American Idol 2012 winner?

Just a recap of what happened at the Finale Performance Show. Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips each had 3 performances. Judges' decision was split as to who owned Round 1 and 2, but they're unanimous in giving Phillip the 3rd and final round. (Parang boxing lang hehe)

I conducted a poll asking the readers what they think was the best performance of the night. The poll shows "I Have Nothing" was Jessica's best and her supposedly winning song "Change Nothing" wasn't her best, as opposed to Phillip, whose coronation song "Home" was voted as his best performance during the finale, and "Stand By Me" was his least great performance.

However, over-all result of the poll shows that Jessica's "I Have Nothing" was the best finale performance of American Idol 2012.

The 2-hour American Idol 2012 results show opened with the eliminated Top 12 finalists back on "Idol" stage. Yes, just Top 12 and not 13, excluding of course disqualified finalist Jermaine Jones. They all performed Bruno Mars' "Runaway Baby".

Then the 3 judges made their grand entrance, followed by host Ryan Seacrest's announcement that a record 132-million votes were cast last night. Wow!

Top 2 finalist Phillip Phillips then performed on stage with rock singer John Fogerty, lead singer and guitarist of Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR).

Joshua Ledet, who was the last to be eliminated on this season and has been dubbed as male Fantasia Barrino (Season 3 winner), sang with Fantasia herself.

Chaka Khan performed a medley with the Top 12 girls, and Rihanna was next to perform "Where Have You Been".

Skylar Laine, who was eliminated in the Top 5 round, performed with country singer Reba McEntire. They sang "Turn on the Radio".

Up next was a performance from the Top 12 boys.

Top 2 finalist Jessica Sanchez on spotlight now singing "I Will Always Love You". Great performance once again just like the time she performed the same song in the Top 11 round.

"Idol" stage was on fire again with Jennifer Lopez's performance of "Going In".

Something special happened tonight. Previous seasons' finalists Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young were spotted at the live audience and were called to come up the stage. For what?

Ace proposed marriage to Diana on live TV, a first on Americal Idol history. Of course, DeGarmo said "yes"! DeGarmo was Fantasia's runner-up in Season 3 while Young was Season 5's 7th Placer.

This season's 4th Placer Hollie Cavanagh also had her own number, with Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks.

Top 10 guys performed a Bee Gees hit, as tribute to the band's member Robin Gibb, who died of cancer last Sunday.

It's Jessica again, with another epic performance of "And I Am Telling You", her song in the Top 4, but this time she's in a duet with its original singer and self-confessed Jessica supporter, Jennifer Holliday. Wow, a standing ovation from the judges and the audience! Love it!

Aerosmith performed, then finally, Jessica and Phillip in a duet.

Winner announcement now... So nerve-wracking!

And the winner of American Idol Season 11 is... PHILLIP PHILLIPS!

Watch the announcement of Phillip Phillips as American Idol 2012 winner!

Oh no, Jessica Sanchez lost. But it's okay, she's a winner already!

Congrats Phillip!

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  1. Thanks for the update

  2. american idol is racist, everybody and thier mother knows jessica was by far the better singer, phillip phillips is no american idol, very boring singer

    1. Oh my did you really just say AI is racist? Phil Phillips by far was a more unique artist, Jessica can definitely sing but there's nothing unique or original about her.

  3. I think theres a discrimination on that i dont believe this

  4. just as I thought

  5. just as I thought

  6. Of course the show is called "American" Idol !!!! What would you expect!!!!

  7. Nccreus_richinnovationMay 24, 2012 at 10:37 AM

    you can't do anything .. at least we know who to appreciate and who the best is.. although jess is runner up for us.. she rocks and she is the best..amazing. great just what jimmy lovine says.. she will be great especially when she is 18 yrs. old... good for her and Jess.. congrats.. you won the hearts of many many music lovers, of all races.. americans, filipinos. mexicans,, whatever race you belong for as long as you know good music and singers..

  8. YES!!! Phillip Phillips won! :-D

  9. Even thought Jessica can sing and she can sing very well she is just to young and probaly could not handle the stress of being a singer but that should not stop her from coming back later.Bt believe I think that Philip was the right one to win

    1. You said his the right one to win his not even a good singer open your ears you people this white boy cannot sing

  10. Phillip is a unique artist who doesn't need to copy anyone. With maturity Jessica will learn to make each song her own rather than mouth words without any emotional connection.

  11. Just be happy people. Everyone seems to blame racism when the outcome is not what they want. Both will do wellin their respective careers.

  12. All 3 judges agreed that jessica was the best technical singer in this year american idol but the voters just went for the pretty boy

  13. Wow i heard on tv and radio that Jessica has so many shows and engagements lined up starting next week. Plus a new album from AI. Seems she s more of the winnerM! Congrats to the new World Idol - Jessica!