Renato Corona Impeachment Trial Live Updates: Chief Justice says sorry, denies walkout

Chief Justice Renato Corona Impeachment Trial - Day 42:

Chief Justice Renato Corona returned to the Senate today (Friday), May 25, 2012, 3 days after the alleged walkout last Tuesday, May 22.

CJ Corona took the witness stand in his impeachment trial last Tuesday, but after giving a nearly 3-hour opening statement, he abruptly stood up, left the courtroom and later came back on a wheelchair. (Read about it HERE.)

And for today's trial, as aired live once again in major TV networks, the Chief Justice arrived on board an ambulance and entered the Session Hall in a wheel chair again.

At the witness stand, he humbly apologized for what happened last Tuesday, but he denied that it was a walkout.

"Ako po'y nagpapakumbaba at humihingi po ng inyong paumanhin sa nangyari nung Martes. Hindi ko po inaasahan na ganun mangyayari. Pero alam nyo naman po ang pinagdaanan ko sa nakalipas na anim na buwan. Totally unexpected po yung nangyari."

"I was in a total state of confusion. Ako po'y nahihilo at parang naduduwal. Ayoko namang maduwal sa harapan nyo."

Also on today's trial, the prosecution said that they will no longer conduct cross examination on CJ Corona. According to them, what the Chief Justice said in his opening statement were enough, and they're also taking into consideration the Chief Justice's health condition.

Corona has submitted his waiver, now without any condition, to open his bank records and suggested bank officials be invited to the court.

Presiding officer, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile (JPE) said that they're taking note of the waiver but won't subpoena any person mentioned in the waiver 'coz they're not supposed to produce evidence for the defense nor the prosecution. "This is not a producer of evidence. This is a hearer of facts," said JPE.

Live coverage on Studio 23 showed that Mrs. Cristina Corona and daughter Carla approached the Basa Family and reconciled. Basa Family altogether went to CJ Corona at the witness stand and they hugged each other.

CJ Corona got emotional again when he mentioned about the effect of the impeachment to his 9-year-old "apo".

He denied again having 10-12 million dollar accounts. Senator judge Jinggoy Estrada asked, "Did you have $12M in your account?" Corona said, "I never at any time had 10, 11, 12 million dollars."

But he admitted having 2.4M in 4 dollar accounts. He also admitted having P80M in commingled funds. (it's an investment fund consisting of assets from several individual accounts.)

But those were not included in his 2010 SALN, which only reported P22M net assets.

"Hindi ko po ni-report ung $2.4M dahil po sa absolute confidentiality guaranteed by the Republic Act 6426." (or Foreign Currency Deposit Act)

"Yung P80M naman po ay 'di naman talaga amin. Ako lang po nangangasiwa, pero hindi un akin, kaya 'di dapat isama."

And when asked if he's going to resign as Chief Justice, Corona said, "Hindi po."

At 5PM, Chief Justice Corona was discharged from the impeachment court, and left on a wheel chair again.

On Tuesday, May 29, the impeachment court is expect to make its verdict, whether an acquittal or conviction for Chief Justice Renato Corona. -

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