Kit Thompson and Karen Reyes (Kiten) are both nominees on PBB Teen Edition 4

Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen Edition 4 has named 5 housemates as nominees on its 3rd Nomination Night held earlier.

And they are:

Kit Thompson of Pampanga
Karen Reyes of Mindoro
Yves Flores of Tarlac
Claire Bercero of Makati City
Mariz Raneses of Cebu City

Kit makes the list after he was given an automatic nomination as consequence for his team who lost in the "Patibahayan" task. He and his teammates Myrtle Sarrosa and Mariz were asked by Kuya to decide who among themselves will suffer the consequence of being automatically nominated.

Kit, who's been in showbiz already before PBB, decided that he be given the automatic nomination. "Ako na lang. I want you to continue your dreams. Eh ako, I'm just here para lang sumikat," Kit told Myrtle and Mariz.

Alec - 2 pts Claire, 1 pt Karen
Claire - 2 pts Yves, 1 pt Tom
Clodet - 2 pts Karen, 1 pt Tom
Jai & Joj - 2 pts Claire, 1 pt Mariz
Karen - 2 pts Mariz, 1 pt Yves
Kit - 2 pts Claire, 1 pt Karen
Mariz - 2 pts Karen, 1 pt Claire
Myrtle - 2 pts Karen, 1 pt Claire
Roy - 2 pts Clodet, 1 pt Mariz
Ryan - 2 pts Claire, 1 pt Mariz
Tom - 2 pts Yves, 1 pt Mariz
Yves - 2 pts Mariz, 1 pt Claire

Claire - 11 pts
Karen - 8 pts
Mariz - 8 pts
Yves - 5 pts
Tom - 2 pts
Clodet - 2 pts

*All nominees this week, except for Yves, are 2nd-time nominees. Karen was nominated last week while Kit, Claire and Mariz were nominees the other week.
*No one nominated against Alec, Jai & Joj, Myrtle, Roy, Ryan. All except Myrtle have not received even a single point from their fellow housemates since the 1st nomination.
*Claire and Yves nominated each other. Same goes for Karen and Mariz.
*Myrtle, Tom and Mariz have nominated same names as last week. Myrtle and Mariz also nominated Karen and Claire last week, while Tom again nominated Yves and Mariz.
*Myrtle really wanted Claire out, 'coz it's already the 3rd time the former nominated the latter. Same for Mariz who nominated Karen for the 3rd time.
*This is also the 2nd consecutive time that Clodet nominated Karen.
*Alec, Kit, Mariz, Myrtle all nominated both Claire and Karen this week.
*Joj & Jai, Ryan and Yves meanwhile nominated this week the same 2 housemates (Claire and Mariz) while Karen and Tom both nominated Yves and Mariz.
*For the 2nd non-consecutive time, Claire nominated Yves. Joj & Joi also nominated Claire for the 2nd time. Same for Karen against Mariz, Kit vs Claire, Roy vs Mariz, Ryan against Mariz and Yves vs Claire.
*So far, only Ryan and Roy nominated housemates who eventually were evicted. They both nominated Vince and Nikka during the 1st and 2nd nomination nights, and as we all know, both have been evicted. This week, Roy nominated Mariz while Ryan voted against Mariz and Claire. Will they score 3 out of 3? It's most likely to happen.

TO VOTE:Type BB and send it to 2331 or 231. You can also vote online via

It's too early to predict, but Claire and Mariz would probably get the lowest votes among the 5 nominated housemates, with Mariz, possibly, as the next evictee of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen Edition 4. ©

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