Mon Tulfo vs Raymart Santiago, Claudine Barretto fight at NAIA caught not on CCTV but on cellphone video

Mon Tulfo got into a fight with Raymart Santiago at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 Sunday, May 6, 2012.

The airport brawl between veteran broadcaster Mon Tulfo and actor Raymart Santiago was all over the news yesterday and a hot topic among netizens, trending for hours on Twitter.

It was actually Mon vs Raymart plus the actor's wife Claudine Barretto and the couple's 6 companions.

Can you imagine that, 1 vs 8?

And the fight could be labeled as a "mismatch" 'coz the veteran journalist and broadcaster is already 65 years old while Raymart Santiago is only 38, so they're like father-and-son already.

Mon Tulfo, Raymart Santiago, Claudine Barretto after the fight (Screen grab from GMA 7's 24 Oras)

According to Mon Tulfo as reported on TV news programs, he was just taking photos (or video?) of Claudine Barretto thru his cellphone after he chanced upon the actress berating a ground stewardess of Cebu Pacific airline (yes, the most controversial airline in the country today).

Mon claimed that he overheard Claudine complaining about her luggage being left at the Caticlan Airport in Aklan. The actress allegedly cursed the crew and even threatened the latter that she will have her fired from the job.

Raymart Santiago allegedly noticed him and demanded him to turn over his phone, but the veteran broadcaster refused, and that's where the fight started, when Raymart Santiago and his men allegedly started punching him.

However, Raymart and Claudine both denied in their interviews that it wasn't them who started the fight but it's Mon who threw the first punch. Claudine also denied she cursed Cebu Pacific's ground stewardess.

The couple have already asked the NAIA authorities to show the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage to know who really threw the punch and they're confident that it wasn't them.

But this is very funny: there was NO CCTV footage of the Raymart Santiago vs Mon Tulfo fight, airport's general manager confirms
How did it happen that NAIA can't provide a CCTV footage of the incident between Mon Tulfo and Raymart Santiago?

According to NAIA General Manager Angel Honrado in his DZMM interview today, the baggage conveyor area where the brawl happened unfortunately is not covered by their CCTV system. He said that there was a CCTV camera working at the arrival area, but not at the conveyor area.

So hilarious isn't it? This is actually one reason why it's more fun in the Philippines.

But, thanks, the Mon Tulfo vs Raymart Santiago Brawl at NAIA was caught on cellphone video and has already been uploaded on Youtube later that day. (Due to violent content of the video, I opted not to post the video here.)

In the video, you can see Claudine also joining the brawl, hitting the helpless old man.

But it's unclear in the video who really between Mon Tulfo and Raymart Santiago started the fight.

The said video is a big hit on Youtube that as of 9PM today, it already has more than 1 million views. ©

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