Claire Bercero, latest evictee on Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen Edition 4

Claire Bercero has been evicted on Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen Edition 4's 3rd Eviction Night held Saturday, May 12.

Claire Bercero, who hails from Makati City, was evicted from the PBB house after she got the lowest number of text and online votes (10.53%) from among the 5 nominees for eviction this week.

Declared safe were Mariz Raneses with 12.53%, Kit Thompson with 13.17%, Yves Flores 21.33% and Karen Reyes with (wow!) 42.44%.

So surprised with Kit's low votes. It was so close to Mariz's votes percentage and slightly higher than Claire, which is so much far from the voting results during the 1st eviction when Kit, Claire and Mariz were also nominated along with Vince, who's the one who got evicted. That time, Kit got 49.76%, Claire had 17.52% and Mariz garnered 17.42%.

It's either Kit's votes decreased or Claire and Mariz's votes increased.

Maybe, many got disappointed at Kit when he revealed that he only joined PBB to become popular.

Karen's very high percentage of votes also surprised me. She is truly "Tricia Santos" of this edition.

And if she continues getting high votes, she could easily end up in the Big 4. (And that is if they don't implement the "vote to evict" system, which caused Tricia's eviction in the last edition of PBB Teens.) ©

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