Charice vs Mo Twister over a scandalous Twitter hashtag

Charice Pempengco got mad at DJ Mo Twister over a hashtag (#charicepempengcosex) which DJ Mo started on Twitter today, May 9, 2012.

You've read that hashtag right.

It's not that Charice and Mo Twister were once lovers or not that the two starred together in a video scandal (just like Mo's controversy before with Rhian Ramos), but it's because of Mo Twister and 2 others made fun of Charice on their radio show today.

I woke up at past 8 this morning and then logged in on Twitter, only to get surprised by the said hashtag as the #1 trending topic in the Philippines.

Just like everyone else, I clicked the hashtag (not because I'm excited to see a video scandal of Charice, but) to find out why it's trending. I was even more intrigued to know why it even landed on top spot.

Does Charice really have a video scandal? If yes, who's with her?

But it turned out though that the hashtag was not to allege that Charice has a scandal video but it was just a joke initiated by the 3 DJs of Magic 89.9: DJ Mo (Mo Twister), DJ Suzy (Tin Gamboa) and DJ Mia (Mia Bayuga).

Mo, who's based in the US but still hosting the show, and the other 2 DJs made fun of Charice on their radio show "Good Times" this morning by asking their listeners to use the said scandalous hashtag on their tweets, with the intention of course of seeing it among the trending topics on Twitter.

And they succeeded, the hashtag about Charice went on to become the #1 trending topic this morning.

In their respective Twitter accounts (@djmotwister, @suzy899, @mia899), the DJs even used the hashtag in their tweets and even retweeted others' tweets which include the hashtag.

It came to the attention of Charice and of course, she was not pleased: "@djmotwister Too bad. Remember you interviewed me? Thought you were nice. anyway, I should talk to you FACE TO FACE :)"

Mo Twister later issued a lengthy apology to Charice on Twitter, but the singer already hinted about filing a case vs Mo Twister when she tweeted: "@djmotwister I hope you have a good lawyer."

The management of Magic 89.9 meanwhile has made a quick decision following what happened: 2-week suspension without pay for the 3 DJs. A public apology will also be made by them on the radio show tomorrow.

"The management of Today's Best Music Magic 89.9 does not condone what happened this morning, May 9, 2012 on Good Times. As a joke, the 3 DJs started an objectionable hashtag about Charice Pempengco on Twitter. An apology to Ms. Pempengco shall be made tomorrow morning, May 10, 2012 on the said radio show. Furthermore, as self regulation, the DJs involved shall be suspended from boardwalk for two weeks without pay as consequence of their actions."

"I want to take the opportunity to apologize to Charice for a stupid & cruel joke on our show today. We attempted to be funny at her expense and, in the process, hurt her feelings. It's with deep regret that we have to come to learn that. On behalf of @suzy899 (Tin Gamboa) and @mia899 (Mia Bayuga), we apologize to Charice for our stupid behavior and immature attempt to generate laughs. You have worked so very hard, not just for yourself and your family, but to put our country in a positive light, to promote immense Filipino talent, and you have done that successfully. We are proud of you and we are embarrassed because we failed to support that. Hope I could make it up to you and rest assured we will exhaust every avenue to do so. We are sorry. You've been nothing but supportive to our show in the past. We failed to show our appreciation today. @OfficialCharice."

What happened today is certainly not a great birthday gift for Charice who turns 20 tomorrow, May 10. ©

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