Jessica Sanchez vs Joshua Ledet for American Idol 2012 Finale - Poll Results

Will it be Jessica Sanchez vs Joshua Ledet for the American Idol 2012 finale?

Results of an online poll show it's going to be Jessica Sanchez vs Joshua Ledet on the "American Idol" Season 11 finale on May 22 and 23, 2012.

In less than an hour from now, we shall know who will be the last to get voted off on American Idol 2012.

And according to the poll results which I conducted here on this blog right after the American Idol 2012 Top 3 Performances (you can find the poll HERE), most people believed it's going to be Jessica Sanchez vs Joshua Ledet on the American Idol 2012 finale next week, meaning - - they want Phillip Phillips out.

1,134 people voted in the poll conducted in less than a day, and 805 of the voters or 70.99% wanted a Jessica Sanchez vs Joshua Ledet face-off on the American Idol 2012 finale, while 283 voters or 24.96% opted for a Jessica Sanchez vs Phillip Phillips showdown. Only 46 people or 4.06% liked to see Joshua Ledet vs Phillip Phillips in the final 2.

We shall see on the results later if it's indeed Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet as the Final 2 of American Idol Season 11.

And that would happen if America is ready to see in the finale two contestants who are both of color on non-White - - something so rare in American Idol history.

After the Top 3 performances, many believe Phillip Phillips has secured his slot in the finale, even after weeks of so-so performances. The momentum is so high for him at this point, putting Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet in danger of elimination.

If ever it's Jessica vs Joshua, it's going to be the best finale ever on American Idol, a real showdown between two of the best voices is going to happen.

And if that happens, Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert, who's performing in the show later, will be among the happiest. He once said this on Twitter during the Top 4 Round: "@JSanchezAI11 is a STAR. @JLedetAI11 sang fo' the blood. They wipe the floor with the other two. It's a SINGING competition. #keepinitreal".

But anything's still possible, so we'll see what's going to happen later. Stay tuned for the live results. ©

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