Tin Patrimonio, Paco Evangelista get "automatic nomination" from Big Brother

Housemates Tin Patrimonio and Paco Evangelista are the nominees for eviction this week
on Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited.

Tin and Paco were actually given automatic nominations by Big Brother.

Tin has been automatically nominated as a consequence of the failure in a special task (Big Road Trip) given to her and two other housemates, Pamu Pamorada
and Kevin Fowler.

The three were given a chance to spare themselves from being nominated
by accomplishing another task by Kuya, but unfortunately, only Tin failed.

Paco meanwhile got automatic nomination after he talked about the nomination with Kevin, which according to Kuya, was an effort by Paco
to influence the latter not to nominate him in the next nomination.

With Tin and Paco as the only nominees this week, it's obviously Paco
who's going home on Saturday.

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