Regine Velasquez makes a grammar mistake on Twitter: "I feel bad living him"

Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez made a cute mistake last night on Twitter.

The moment she got home from a rehearsal for her concert "Mr. & Mrs. A", Regine immediately posted a tweet on Twitter, updating her followers that she's home already and shared something about her son, Baby Nate.

"(I'm) Home, my baby was crying daw kanina so binalot nila si Nate ng pinaghubaran ko then he stopped. I feel bad living him :-(" said Regine at around 12 midnight Thursday.

And knowing Twitter, which has the most perfect and grammar-conscious users, immediately took notice of Regine's error in her tweet.

Regine used the word "living" instead of "leaving".

Some Twitter users corrected Regine, laughed at her mistake and even suggested that she deletes her tweet 'coz she might trend on Twitter for that.

Maybe Regine just misspelled it, typed the wrong word or she just got confused, the same way most people get confused with adapt / adopt, affect / effect, break / brake, week / weak, your / you're, patience / patients, aisle / isle, cite / site, quiet / quite and many more.

Realizing her mistake and probably after reading other users' tweets correcting her, Regine said sorry for the error she committed and corrected her own tweet.

According to Regine, she thought she was typing a text message. "Pasensya na Tao lang. Kala ko kasi text eh. living instead of leaving. Nakuha nyo naman. Ok na yun de may pagtatawan kayo hehehe."

She further said that it was just fine with her if people will correct her and she's even thankful for that. "Huli na to. Ok lang naman to correct me walang kaso :-) thank you pa nga eh :-) yun lang Natey Natey."

Regine is actually so admirable for that. She humbly admitted her mistake and didn't fight back unlike other celebs who got into a Twitter war after being corrected for a mistake.

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