KC Concepcion and Cloie Syquia Concepcion perform on ASAP 2012

KC Concepcion's 17-year-old half-sister Cloie Syquia Concepcion will
be guesting on ASAP 2012's episode today, February 5.

KC and Cloie will perform together in a song number on ASAP today, which marks
Cloie's live TV debut, and also her first live appearance ever with
her ate KC.

Cloie's much-awaited ASAP appearance has long been reported even
before previous Sunday's ASAP episode and finally, it's happening

Here's a photo of KC Concepcion and sister Cloie during their recording for ASAP 2012.

Sarah Geronimo joined KC and Cloie on this picture, also taken during the recording. (All 3 of them are Viva talents.)

Photos courtesy of Lindsey Warren Dimen (@xolindseywarren) via Twitter

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