Bourne Legacy movie poster, 1st official trailer - lookin' great!

"The Bourne Legacy" Movie looks exciting even without Jason Bourne.

The Bourne Legacy official movie poster

"The Bourne Legacy", which was partly filmed here in the Philippines, now stars Jeremy Renner as new agent Aaron Cross and no longer Matt Damon who played Jason Bourne in the previous 3 Bourne films.

Also new additions are Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton while Joan Allen, Albert Finney and a few others reprise their roles in this 4th 'Bourne' Film, which is directed by Tony Gilroy.

Universal Pictures has released on Wednesday, February 8, the first official trailer of "The Bourne Legacy" and it looks really great. Watch!

'The Bourne Legacy' will open in theaters on August 3, 2012.

Video upload by Youtube user movieclipsTRAILERS

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