Sarah Geronimo makes history on Twitter, trending for more than 8 hours

Sarah Geronimo made Pinoys so proud after she made it to Twitter's worldwide trending topics for more than 8 hours on Sunday, February 19, 2012.

The term "Sarah G. Day" was used on Twitter yesterday by Pinoys worldwide referring to Feb. 19 as a day dedicated to Sarah Geronimo after appearing in 3 Kapamilya shows, from daytime 'til primetime.

Sarah was seen on 'ASAP 2012', then on 'The Buzz' and finally on 'Gandang Gabi Vice'. (Read: Sarah Geronimo Day today, Feb. 19, on ABS-CBN)

According to trend tracking website, "Sarah G. Day" was trending on Twitter worldwide for 8 hours and 45 minutes on Feb. 19, becoming the over-all #1 top trending topic worldwide on Twitter for that day.

We're talking here about trending topics not for a given hour, but for the whole day of February 19.

It was able to beat the hashtag #IfICouldWishForAnything which was trending for 7 hours and 15 minutes, as well as the Justin Bieber-related "Happy 2 Years Anniversary Baby Video" which was trending for 6 and a half hours.

With that, Sarah G. Day becomes the longest trending Philippine-related topic on Twitter ever and also the longest from the Philippines to stay on #1 position, which was about 6 hours.

No other celebrities or topics from the Philippines have achieved such feat, staying there on worldwide trending list for that long.

We've had many trending topics in the past but usually they were short-lived.

Fans of Sarah Geronimo are planning to continue using "Sarah G. Day" in their tweets until Sunday, Feb. 26, the premiere date of Sarah's new show 'Sarah G. Live!'

I hope we could all take part in that so it could trend again and be part of the over-all trending topics for the whole month of February.

For "Sarah G. Day" to be part of February's Top 10 Trends list, it must beat at least the current #10 trending topic (R.I.P Glenda Monster) which was trending for a total of 15 hours and 30 minutes.

Maybe ABS-CBN could hold another Sarah G. Day anytime this week, before the premiere of her new show.

For example, ABS-CBN can guest Sarah on 'Kris TV', air a Sarah movie on 'Kapamilya Blockbusters', then have her guest on 'It's Showtime' and even 'PBB', feature a news about her on 'TV Patrol' and finally, have her for an interview with Boy Abunda on Bandila's "Ikaw Na!" segment.

LATEST UPDATE: "Sarah G. Day" was trending again on Twitter the next day, February 20, for 7 hours.

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