Aljarreau 'Al' Galang is Vicki Belo's alleged new boyfriend. Hotness!

Dra. Vicki Belo reportedly has a new boyfriend or a boyfriend prospect named Aljarreau 'Al' Galang.

So probably he's the reason why Vicki Belo already has the guts to break up with fiance Hayden Kho Jr, her boyfriend for 7 years.

If Hayden is 31 years old and is already too young for 56-year-old Vicki, Al Galang is only 28 years old and is 2 years younger than Vicki's son, director Quark Henares.

In 2007, Al was 2nd Runner Up in Mossimo Bikini Summit contest and made it to Cosmo Magazine's 69 Bachelors list the same year.

He was also a radio disc jockey for 103.5 Max FM using the name DJ Johnny Z.

A University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA) graduate, Al is currently a yoga studio owner and reportedly, Vicki Belo's yoga instructor.

Take a look at his hot pics!

It's Hayden Kho himself who insinuated on Twitter that there's something between Vicki Belo and Al Galang, probably to get even with Vicki who previously accused Hayden of having an affair with Nancy Castiglione.

He even posted a photo of Al and his alleged sweet letter to Vicki, with Al calling Vicki as Baby.

Hayden later retracted his previous tweet and tweeted again that Vicki did not cheat on him nor he cheated on him, and that both Al and Nancy got nothing to do with their split.

Al has already aired his side in an interview by According to Al, he and Vicki are just close friends, and also admitted that he did send Vicki letters or "notes and words of encouragement" in the past.

Photos courtesy of Cosmo, Al Galang FB, Ash Castro and Ian Felix Alquiros

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