Survivor Philippines Celebrity Sole Survivor is Betong | KC Montero, still bitter, gets drunk after the finale

Comedian/TV host Albert 'Betong' Sumaya has been named winner (Ultimate Sole Survivor) on GMA 7's Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown during its live finale held last night, February 10, at the Kapuso Network's Studio 7.

Betong won over actresses Stef Prescott and Mara Yokohama for the final prize of 3-million pesos.

Here's how the jury voted for their Celebrity Sole Survivor:

Chuckie Dreyfuss - Betong
Arthur Solinap - Betong
John Odulio - Mara
Gino dela Peña - Stef
Arnold Aninion - Mara
Maey Bautista - Betong
KC Montero - Betong

Jury member KC Montero, who was well-supported by his fans wearing red shirts during the finale, still could not get over with the alleged "cheating incident" which led to his elimination from the show.

As the finale was goin' on, KC was posting his thoughts on Twitter, telling his followers how he feels that time.

He labeled Survivor Philippines as the "robbery show" when it was about to start and after the announcement of winner, he walked out from the venue.

KC also posted this photo of him having a drink after the finale.

Read KC's tweets last night:

"The robbery show will begin soon."

"It hurts to sit here so close, knowing I should be in the top 3. Not so happy night."

"I will be drunk in minutes. F-ck-ng bs." [bs = b-llsh-t]

"F-ck it..take it to the dome."

"Any athlete or competitor would know how I feel. I can move on from a loss, but not from being cheated with everyone knowing it."

"Although I didn't win, I also did not lose."

"There will be no #JusticeForKC"

I'm with you KC!

He actually has every right to feel bitter and unhappy with the results of the competition, 'coz he could have won as Sole Survivor if only he wasn't cheated.

And the worse thing is, GMA 7 and the people behind Survivor Philippines have been so silent about the alleged cheating.

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3 Comment(s):

  1. Just shut up and move on already..drama

  2. u know kc..u hve to accept is just a part of a game..u hve to thank nlng na c betong ung nanalo..mayaman ka nman db?so gve it to betong nlng for d sake of his family...

  3. di naman ung pera ang habol ni kc, kundi ung title na sole survivor., alam ng buong taga subaybay ng survivor na naging malinis ung paglalaro ni kc, kaya masakit para sa kanya ang dayain, wala pa kasing nangyaring ganun sa survivor na nakealam ung jury sa decision ng natirang castaways, kaya malinaw na pandaraya un!!