Iwa Moto and new boyfriend Leandro Muñoz' intimate photos

Sexy actress Iwa Moto has found a new boyfriend and he is former Kapamilya leading man Leandro Muñoz.

Iwa Moto new boyfriend Leandro Muñoz

Iwa Moto, 23, and Leandro Muñoz, 33, started to get close in January while on the set of TV5's 'Felina: Prinsesa ng mga Pusa', which just had its premiere last Monday, February 27.

They've been in a relationship for a month now and they call each other as "babe" or "baby".

Iwa and Leandro actually haven't admitted yet to the public their bf-gf relationship, but these photos of them below sharing intimate and sweet moments would tell that they're "on" already and no official confirmation is needed.

They're both happy and in love!

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Iwa Moto and Leandro Muñoz

Iwa Motto kissing bf Leandro Munoz

I'm happy to see Iwa Moto has moved on and found a new love, after her bad breakup with Mickey Ablan last year.

Mickey's girlfriend now is Janna Dominguez, who's now pregnant with their first baby.

Photos courtesy of Iwa Moto

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