Survivor Philippines: KC Montero cries foul over his surprising elimination

Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles is facing a major controversy on its finale week.

The Final 3 castaways have been revealed already and they are Albert "Betong" Sumaya, Stef Prescott and Mara Lopez Yokohama.

But before the Final 3, there were 4 of them, including KC Montero who surprisingly got voted off by Betong, Stef and Mara, and is now the 7th Jury member, as shown on last Monday's episode.

KC's elimination stirred controversy, because the jury members, composed of the 6 castoffs prior to KC, have signaled or influenced Betong, Stef and Mara to vote off KC during the Tribal Council.

Some viewers believe it was against Survivor rules.

One of the show's rules states that jury members are not allowed to speak or interact with the remaining castaways during a Tribal Council.

It further states that they are only there to observe the questioning and the voting that occurs.

KC Montero expressed via Twitter account (@KCMontero) his disappointment over his surprising elimination.

According to KC, it was foul and he feels like he was robbed.

Very true, 'coz he could be this season's winner had it been he made it to the Final 3.

He played the game very well and was the most deserving to win among the 4, but for the remaining three, I think none of them are deserving.

Read KC's tweets after being voted off:

"yup, unfair. Take me out during the game... not from the sidelines. #robbed"

"I would have not played it any different. I think I played perfectly...#robbed."

"I really had a good time. Too bad it had to end like that. I can accept it if I was properly voted out. But not this way."

"hell yeah i was and still am bitter. That's not how it's supposed to be played. Anyway thanks for all the support. #robbed"

"@troymento stupid, right?"

"@reginevalcasid Yeah, it was foul."

"It's like election fraud. Hahaha!"

KC's brother Troy Montero also posted tweets of disappointment over what happened. He's kinda pissed off the most at jury member Gino dela Peña.

"Gino is cheating, sending a message to the castaways, and a traitor. So now you have proof @KCMontero"

"Unfair for the jury to influence the vote. Gino and Maey (Bautista) should not be included in the finale for that."

"Holy sh-t Gino!"

"I'm not saying KC should win, but the jury should follow thd rules and act like a jury."

"You got to lie and lots of backstabbing going on, that's what makes Survivor exciting and crazy. But the jury signaling the vote?"

KC however defended Gino and said that it's not only Gino who was signaling, but all jury members. "In defense of @ginodelapena, he wasn't the only jury member signaling. They all did. It just wasn't all shown."

Some celebrities have also expressed support for KC including last season's castaways who even tweeted that there was really something wrong with how KC was voted off.

Denise Laurel (@D_laurel): "@KCMontero Ur the real winner man."

Solenn Heussaff (@solennheussaff): "We all know @KCMontero is the most deserving and played the game the best. Hate cheaters arg!"

Rhian Ramos (@whianwamos): "OMG, di ako makatulog, napanood ko tuloy yung voting. How'd anyone let that happen? Cheaters...poor @KCMontero. Dapat magkaroon ng twist sa dulo at ulitin yun. =P kasi labas sa rules ng #SurvivorPH yung ginawa nila...haha..ibalik si @KCMontero !"

Michelle Madrigal (@Mitch_Madrigal): "Watching Survivor online! Sus! Can't believe the jury members!!!! MADAYA KAYO! Love our season."

Aubrey Miles: "it only means they didn't read the contract hehehe what a shame but I'm glad it's not my season!!"

Tonight's episode of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles is a lot more exciting.

It's "resbak" time as the Final 3 face the Jury Members, now including KC Montero, for the Final Tribal Council.

The Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles season finale will be this Friday, February 10. Who's your bet?

I think Betong will be this season's winner.

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