Who's yummier: Angelica Panganiban or Solenn Heussaff?

Actor Derek Ramsay faced one tough question during his press con for Belo Men held recently when he was asked who's more yummy, is it his
current girlfriend Angelica Panganiban or his ex-gf Solenn Heussaff?

Angelica and Solenn

And he answered Angelica, which was kinda expected because she's the
current one. Derek said that he chose Angelica as the yummier one
because he's with her longer than he was with Solenn, who was his girlfriend for 4 years.

But Derek should have not answered that question, 'coz it was like who's better in bed or who tastes more delicious for him. Lolit Solis
even titled her article on Pilipino Star Ngayon this way: "Kesa sa ex
na si Solenn, Derek mas nasarapan kay Angelica!"

Solenn reportedly got offended with Derek's comparison of her and Angelica that she immediately fired back and said that Richard Gutierrez, who's being linked to her, as more "gwapo" and more gentleman than Derek, as reported on Pilipino Star Ngayon.

Now I wanna know how you think guys. On the point of view of someone who hasn't "tasted" both girls or hasn't been with them for so long, who for you looks yummier, is it Angelica or Solenn? Vote on the poll

Photos courtesy of Bench and GMA 7

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