Mark Herras to speak up on Startalk about the alleged webcam video scandal

Mark Herras will speak up on Startalk this afternoon regarding the alleged webcam scandal photos which are going the rounds on the internet since Wednesday.

Is Mark Herras gonna admit on Startalk that he's the guy on the scandalous webcam photos? Or is he going to deny it?

It's highly possible that Mark is going to deny it.

And even before Mark breaks his silence on the issue, some online users have already been showing proofs that he is indeed the guy in the webcam photos.

The alleged webcam scandal

Allegedly, the lookalike and Mark Herras have exactly the same "balbas" and "bigote":

Same sando daw according to PEX user Mam Wilma... (not Wilma Galvante)

Another PEX user, TriciarELLAs, also makes a comparison of Mark's "pusod" and "puson" with that of the webcam guy...

as well as the same wall/background on the cam and a picture inside Mark's home...

A certain "Pandesal" at Pinoy Parazzi commented a link to this picture and he/she took notice of the same necklace...

Even a video about Mark's home posted on Youtube last year has been reposted on Facebook. Jham Santillan posted it on his Facebook wall and said, "watch the video and compare the ceiling, the walls, the edges of the frames, the electric fan, you be the judge on the video scandal..."

Wow, they're good investigators haha! You impressed me guys! Good job!

But of course, let's wait for Mark's reaction on this alleged webcam video scandal and whatever Mark will say on Startalk later, let's just all respect it.

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