Mark Herras alleged webcam scandal photos leaked!

Kapuso star Mark Herras is allegedly the guy in the webcam scandal photos circulating on the net recently.

Mark Herras alleged webcam scandal photos

As seen in the photo above which appears to be a screenshot from a webcam video, the Mark Herras lookalike was having a chat conversation with a "shirtless" dude.

It also appears that the alleged Mark Herras was also viewing his
chatmate's webcam.

And now the second photo is really scandalous one where the guy allegedly treated his chatmate with a "show".

If the guy is indeed Mark Herras, then he must be proud and has nothing to be ashamed of. (He's gifted!)

But whether it's true or not, why is this happening? I mean, why is there a need to leak those pictures and link Mark Herras to that?

If you can see in the left bottom part of the the screenshot, it was taken last April 8, 2010 but it's only now, after 6 months, that it's being leaked online.

The said alleged scandal photos of Mark Herras are believed to have leaked first at a thread in PEX Forum Wednesday morning, October 6th.

And there's a big possibility that the chatmate who obviously took those screenshots is the one who leaked it online.

Who is the one behind this thing? Why is he doing it?

A closer look at the screencap, the chatmate of the alleged Mark Herras on Yahoo! Messenger was also having a private chat with three other guys on Facebook (two are confirmed gays and one of them is a professional photographer). I think we have to hunt those three and ask who they're chatting with that time.

It's possible that the chatmate was also sharing the screenshots to his Facebook friends while he's watching the alleged Mark Herras. Because, if you can notice, when the guy hasn't shown up his "thing", the chatmate hasn't opened his Facebook yet. But when the "show" was happening, the chatmate has already opened his Facebook and now chatting with one or two friends on Facebook.

PEX user phoenix_cutez30 was able to track the owner of the Facebook profile shown behind the webcam on the screenshot and allegedly it's Cosmo 2009 Bachelor Dheyle or Dale Dizon.

Upon checking Dizon's FB account, it's already unaccessible or no longer exists.

The fastest way to know if it's really Mark is to ask his ex-girlfriends, Jennylyn Mercado and Lian Paz. For sure, they can recognize if it's really Mark's.

Photos courtesy of PEX user Maggie Powers

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