"Poker Boys Na Pa-Booking" on ELive's E-Guess Mo segment

I'm lovin' ELive more, now that funny Ogie Diaz has been added as its new host.

Ogie has started his first job on ELive today and he headed the E-Guess segment where he dished out two blind items, which were kinda shocking most especially his "poker boys na pa-booking" blind item.

But it's so exciting!

The first blind item was about the leading man who recently had a noselift and also a lip job. The only clue given was that his name sounds like a food.

Is it menudo or embutido?

The second blind item was about 4 boys who love to play poker but ended up in what Ogie called as a "booking engagement" (with gays probably) after they ran out of money.

Ogie already shared about it last September 27 on his article enitled "Poker Boys: Mga Bagong Pahada sa Sugalan" at Pinoy Parazzi and he gave the initials of 3 poker boys: PR, JA and CD.

On ELive today, no additional clues were given but Ogie revealed their prices: (you might be interested)

CD (can be booked by only P5,000)
PG (P15K to P50K)
PR (P30K)
JA (P40K)

You will be so shocked to know who those 4 Poker Boys are!

Based on consensus or the common "hula" (not necessarily right), one of them recently appeared in a gay indie film, the other one is already a daddy, another one has a name of a sport and one was once a superhero on TV.

Who's your guess?

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  1. who are they? :))

  2. ja -jon avila( gumanap na super hero sa comic)

  3. i think i guessed them all right :)

  4. Cogie Domingo
    Patrick Garcia
    Polo Ravales
    Jon Avila

  5. piso na lang bawat isa