Bimby likes Coco Martin but not Dingdong Dantes

Just like any other normal kids, Baby James Yap aka Bimby also has his likes and dislikes.

Bimby likes Kim Chiu and Coco Martin, whom he got to work with in "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo".

But he doesn't like Dingdong Dantes, who campaigned for his Tito Noynoy Aquino during the elections.

Bimby made that revelation at the presscon of her mom Kris and Dingdong for Goldilocks the other day.

But Kris was quick to explain on Twitter last night as to why Bimby doesn't like Dingdong, whom Kris has a movie with under GMA Films in 2011. "I would just like to explain y bimby said I don't like dingdong yesterday at our goldilocks event regardless of my saying but he's Tito Noy's friend. Bimby said because you're my mom. Sa presscon I had made kwento that in original GMA films concept I was married to Dong & pregnant. I was desperate to have a baby so resorted to have black magic & kulam. I became possessive and the other women pinag selosan ko started dropping dead. Bimby heard the pregnant & other baby part, hence the I don't like dingdong comment because he felt magkaka new baby."

She then added, "I maintain that entire Aquino family loves Dong and will always be grateful to him for campaigning tirelessly for PNoy."

Baby James is only 3 years old but wow, he's already a headliner and he's unafraid to tell the world who he likes and who he doesn't like. Keep it up Bimby!

Meanwhile, on SNN last night, Kris shared that she was so relieved and happy when she learned that Bimby was fond of kissing his girl "blonde" classmate. "So, at least alam namin na lalakeng-lalake siya kasi girl 'ung gusto nyang halikan."

Too early to tell, but it's a good sign.

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