Sam Concepcion is Peter Pan

Now 18-year-old Sam Concepcion is set to play the lovable Peter Pan in 2011.

I remember back in 2008, there was this petition thread at wanting Sam to portray Peter Pan if ever there would be
a Philippine TV remake, which obviously didn't happen.

But in 2011, it will definitely happen. Sam will be Peter Pan, not on TV though, but on stage. Okay na rin di ba?

Repertory Philippines and Stages Productions, who gave us "Equus" last July, will be staging Peter Pan and is already slated to happen in September 2011.

"Peter Pan" will mark Sam's comeback as a theater actor/performer. The
last time he's part of a stage production was in 2009 for Trumpets' N.O.A.H.

Sam, who actually grew up on stage, was already part of a local staging of "Peter Pan" at the age of 11 in 2004 but he was not Peter Pan there.

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  1. Cool, just read about this. I think it would be the better stage comeback for Sam, compared to Equus (though I would have loved it as well if they accepted the role). Sam's career is continuing to rise, following this year's album launch and shirtless film. I heard he was inducted as the new ambassador of the Boy Scout of the Philippines, and will be making a film. Along with Good Vibes, he seems to be taking up his role as multimedia heartthrob. Kudos!

  2. Awesome! Just read about that. I can't believe he'll be hosting a daily show, especially one that's directed by Mr.M himself. SAM CONCEPCION EVERYDAY FTW!!!