Kpop artist Jiyeon being linked to an alleged strip video chat scandal

The internet is all abuzz over the alleged strip video scandal of Park
Jiyeon, one of the members of Korean pop group T-ara.

Allegedly, Jiyeon is the one on a 35-minute video clip uploaded online
which shows a girl all alone in a room and doing a strip in front of the cam. And possibly it's for a chatmate, who could have been the one
who taped and uploaded it online.

There's actually two videos. The first video shows only the young lady's face and the second one shows no face but it exposes private parts of the girl.

Here in the Philippines, such thing is commonly called as a "show" or a private show on webcam.

The website has 3 reports about it and one of those contains evidences from netizens alleging that the girl in the strip video is indeed T-ara's Jiyeon.

Judging those evidences presented, there may be similarities but I strongly believe that it's not Jiyeon. There's a possibility that the second video was not connected to the first one and was set-up to make it appear that the girl is doing a stripping video chat.

And also, Jiyeon is only 17 years old and it's so unfair to link her to that.

Allkpop also reports that Jiyeon's talent agency Core Contents Media has already reacted on the issue and they themselves are convinced that the webcam girl looks like Jiyeon but still they don't believe that it's really her. "We directly checked with Jiyeon herself and it was confirmed that it was only someone who looks similar."

Jiyeon's parents and her talent management are now planning to take legal actions against those who continue to link Jiyeon to such dirty video.

T-ara's fans in the Philippines have expressed concerns and support to Jiyeon. On their Facebook page "T-ara PH", the page admin posted, "I don't know if you're with us or not but we should take stand for innocence! We all believe that Jiyeon couldn't do such a thing. Such thing like thee will not make her down. I know Jiyeon's traumatized by this but she's strong enough to conquer this. That's why we're just asking you one thing: No matter what happens, let us support Jiyeon and the rest of T-ara members all the way."

I agree with you guys!

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