Ian Batherson denies he's gay

Survivor Philippines' latest castoff Ian Batherson is just one of the many celebrities who are rumored as "gay".

Survivor Philippines' host Richard Gutierrez and castaway Ian Batherson

It was castaway Pretty Trizsa who started the bromance issue about Ian and another hunky castaway Ahron Villena because of the two's extra closeness
during their stint in Survivor Philippines.

Or is it because Pretty Trizsa failed to make advances on him at the island that's why he now suspects Ian as someone belonging to the pink community?

In a recent interview by Pep.ph, Ian already denied he's gay. He said that he's straight and that he loves girls.

Okay. So now that Ian has already denied it, will the rumor stop already or will it continue to haunt him?

Maybe Ian should just ignore it coz it might work for him. A lot of popular actors and singers now were also suspected as "bading" before such as Piolo Pascual, Sam Milby, Enchong Dee and Erik Santos.

And besides, in showbiz, actors are intrigued either as gay or having gay benefactors.

By the way, check out these pictures. Ian's looking gay here but definitely that doesn't mean he is already.

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