Ian Batherson eliminated from Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown

21-year-old Fil-German hunk Ian Batherson is the latest castaway to exit Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown.

Ian was actually the 2nd to be eliminated on the same evening when
"Bibong Bunso" Mico Aytona was also voted off from the competition.

The double elimination was a surprising twist on this edition of Survivor Philippines that even host Richard Gutierrez didn't bother to explain why there was a double elimination.

It was also not the usual votation, because all members from the two competing tribes participated in voting off a member of Team Nagar.

Ian as a castaway actually bored me. Except for his so-called "bromance" with Ahron Villena, Ian was hardly felt in the game.

He was dubbed "Pilyong Amboy" but he wasn't actually "pilyo" all throughout his stay in the island.

But despite that, Ian is considered one of the top favorite castaways of the season, if based on Mykiru's Poll, where he is ranked 4th (tied with Aubrey):

1. Ahron Villena 12.64%
2. Solenn Heussaff 11.95%
3. Akihiro Sato 9.66%
4. Aubrey Miles 7.59%
4. Ian Batherson 7.59%
5. Jon Hall 6.44%
6. Ervic Vijandre 5.75%
7. Aira Bermudez 5.29%
8. Moi Marcampo 5.06%

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