Miss St. Lucia Aiasha Gustave is getting stronger as Miss World 2010 bet

From #8 on the previous list, Miss St. Lucia Aiasha Tierra Rebecca Gustave is now ranked 3rd on Mykiru's 3rd list of favorites for Miss
World 2010. Is she the next on top?

Miss Saint Lucia World 2010 Aiasha Gustave photo

The 18-year-old student who is of British-Guyanese mixture is among
those candidates who have sustained their momentum ever since they land on China 2 weeks ago.

Aiasha's chance of winning the first Miss World title for her country is also getting stronger especially after she was chosen as one of the 10 speakers in the Shanghai Forum and after being included in the Top 40 Beach Beauty semi-finalists.

Expect Miss St. Lucia to perform so well in the Beach Beauty finals and also in the Top Model and Talent Fast-Track events.

October 18, 2010
(Based on Mykiru's scores and Fun Poll results)

1. BOTSWANA, Emma Wareus
2. VENEZUELA, Adriana Vasini
3. ST. LUCIA, Aiasha Gustave
4. RUSSIA, Irina Sharipova
5. THAILAND, Yuwaret Sirirat Rueangsri
6. NORWAY, Mariann Birkedal
7. PHILIPPINES, Czarina Catherine Gatbonton
8. SOUTH AFRICA, Nicole Flint
9. INDIA, Manasvi Mamgai
10. MEXICO, Anabel Solis Sosa
11. BRAZIL, Kamilla Salgado
12. SCOTLAND, Nicola Mimnagh
13. IRELAND, Emma Britt Waldron
14. SLOVAKIA, Marina Georgievova
15. UNITED STATES, Alexandria Mills

Close Shots:
16. SERBIA, Milica Jelic
17. UKRAINE, Ekaterina Zakharchenko
18. PUERTO RICO, Yara Lasanta Santiago
19. MARTINIQUE, Tully Fremcourt
20. SRI LANKA, Fallon Ranasinghe Dona

Strong Alternates:
21. VIETNAM, Nguyễn Ngọc Kiều Khanh
22. CROATIA, Katarina Banic
23. PERU, Alexandra Liao Tipacti
24. COLOMBIA, Laura Marcela Palacio Restrepo
25. BOLIVIA, Maria Teresa Roca Cordova
26. CHINA PR, Xiao Tang
27. JAMAICA, Chantal Alicia Raymond
28. ARGENTINA, Mariana Arambarry
29. NIGERIA, Afoma Amuzie
30. EL SALVADOR, Maria Gabriela Molina Rochac

31. ECUADOR, Ana Galarza Anazco
32. INDONESIA, Asyifa Syafningdyah Putriambami Latief
33. FRANCE, Virginie Dechenaud
34. ITALY, Giada Pezzaioli
35. MACEDONIA FYRO, Stefani Borsova
36. BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA, Snezana Prorok
37. SWEDEN, Daniela Karlsson
38. ISRAEL, Shavit Wiesel
39. SPAIN, Fatima Jimenez Triguero
40. BAHAMAS, Braneka Bassett


10/11/10: 1. Botswana 2. Russia 3. India 4. Venezuela 5. Thailand 6.
South Africa 7. Norway 8. St. Lucia 9. Philippines 10. Ireland 11. Brazil 12. Mexico 13. Slovakia 14. USA 15. Scotland

10/07/10: 1. Venezuela 2. Botswana 3.5 South Africa 3.5 Thailand 5.5 India 5.5 St. Lucia 7. Russia 8. Philippines 9. United States 10. Norway 11. Mexico 12. Scotland 13. Puerto Rico 14. Ireland 15. Sri Lanka

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Photo courtesy of Miss World Organization

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