Rica Paras is the latest evictee of PBB Double Up

It was not a good New Year's gift for the transgender housemate of PBB Double Up when she got evicted on the 2nd day of the New Year 2010.

Rica Paras has a strong fan base but it turned out to be the weakest as compared to the other nominees for eviction. She got a tallied percentage of +10.37 which unfortunately was still lower (just slight) than the votes in favor of Sam Pinto, Johan Santos and Paul Jake Castillo.

Here's the actual results last night:

1. Sam 22.65%
2. Johan 21.22%
3. Paul Jake 16.13%
4. Rica 15.79%< VOTES TO EVICT (VTE):
1. Johan 7.74%
2. Sam 7.48%
3. Rica 5.42%
4. Paul Jake 3.57%

1. Sam 15.16%
2. Johan 13.47%
3. Paul Jake 12.55%
4. Rica 10.37%

After tonight's eviction, it only proved that Sam and Johan are possible Big 4 housemates alongside the Melason loveteam.

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  1. na sad ako kala ko aabot ng finals si rica ugh!!!!