Non-elimination night on Starstruck V

No one has been eliminated tonight on Starstruck V.

Another twist has been revealed by hosts Dennis Trillo and Carla Abellana and it says that the public, the council and the contestants themselves are now given the power to vote out any of the Survivor 10 who they think does not deserve to stay in the competition.

Two hopefuls, 1 boy and 1 girl, will be eliminated next Sunday as based on the text votes (60%), from the council (20%) and the contestants' choice (20%). Remember that for this week, you, the council and the contestants will have to vote out and not vote to save. (Just like PBB's "vote to evict" system.)

To vote, just type ON <name of survivor> then send it to 2344 for Globe, TM and Sun Subscribers or 367 for Smart and TNT users.

Also earlier tonight, the 10 contestants were given the chance to showcase their utmost talents and here's how I rank their performances:

1. Diva Montelaba (sing and dance)
2. Rocco Nacino (playing drums)
3. Ian Batherson (playing the guitar)
4. Enzo Pineda (dancing)
5. Steven Silva (singing)
6. Sarah Lahbati (sing and dance)
7. Piero Vergara (singing)
8. Nina Kodaka (playing drums)
9. Rox Montealegre (dancing)
10. Princess Snell (dancing)

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