Tiger Woods video scandal to come out this 2010?

Last December, news broke out that golf superstar Tiger Woods had a number of alleged extra-marital affairs.

Some of the women involved even came out and were claiming that they indeed had an affair with Woods.

Early this year, an alleged scandalous video of Woods and a woman is reportedly being offered to Vivid Entertainment, a p*rn video maker.

NYDailyNews.com reports that a woman is claiming that she had an affair with Woods two years back and she has a video to prove it.

The said video reportedly has a 30-minute running time, but it is still unclear whether the guy in the video is indeed Tiger Woods or not.

Woods' camp has already threatened to sue those who will publish naked photos or videos of the richy golfer.

Meanwhile, amidst all these controversies, Tiger Woods finds the right time to cover up shirtless for Vanity Fair this February 2010:

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