Melai Cantiveros is suspected to have an ADHD

I have read in an article at Business Mirror that Melisa 'Melai' Cantiveros of PBB Double Up is being suspected to have an ADHD or Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

What's ADHD?

According to Wikipedia, ADHD is a neurobehavioral developmental disorder primarily characterized by "the co-existence of attentional problems and hyperactivity, with each behavior occurring infrequently alone."

Among the symptoms of this condition are being forgetful, easily bored, has no focus, daydreaming, very impatient, talk non-stop and constantly in motion.

Is Melai like that? I don't think so.

The article actually contains author Ricky Gallardo's predictions for some existing and upcoming stars.

And according to him, most of his friends are suspecting that Melai has an ADHD and her loveteam (Melason) with Jason Francisco will only be shortlived.

He also predicted that Kimerald's next soap will be a hit, but not their next movie.

Aljur Abrenica is also expected to shine brighter this 2010, but his loveteam partner Kris Bernal will pull him down.

Sid Lucero and Coco Martin are predicted to become the next best leading men while Maricar Reyes, Ina Feleo, Max Eigenmann and Maja Salvador are the next best leading ladies.

Here's the complete predictions in the article titled "No Seer Necessary", as published on Business Mirror last January 03, 2010:

Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson: This young tandem will continue to reign in television. The think-tanks of ABS-CBN will make sure that Kim and Gerald get everything they need in terms of support, character development and subplots to ensure high ratings in the prime-time slot. Their next project is Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo, and this early the buzz is cranking up by the day. This couple might be on tops of TV, but it’s no guarantee that their next movie will be a blockbuster unless Star Cinema can come up with something original. And no more song titles for movie titles, please!

Santino: Everyone loves Santino, and this little boy has gone places because the series in which he stars is one of the biggest success stories of TV circa 2009. The problem with something as phenomenal as Santino is how the producers can sustain him after May Bukas Pa. Unless the ABS-CBN people can come up with something spectacular, we predict that the star of this boy (we cannot even recall his name) will start to dim.

Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal: His star will continue to shine brightly especially with his latest starrer on TV, GMA’s The Last Prince. Kris Bernal can still be his leading lady in some projects, as she is in Last Prince, but we feel that Aljur’s love team with Kris is pulling him down instead of pushing him up. On the matter of Kris, we feel that she will suffer the same fate as Tanya Garcia and Bangs Garcia.

Kris Aquino: She will still do wonderful hosting work on TV and her “big mouth” will continue to bring her both fame and infamy, especially during campaign period. She will go all-out in her support of her brother Noynoy’s presidential bid, and this will drain her. Meanwhile, her basketball player husband will one day not be able to take her and her schedules. We hope we are wrong on this one.

Jake Cuenca: He will be just another Diether Ocampo.

Claudine Barretto: The big smile on the faces of GMA’s top honchos will soon fade away if it turns out that she brought to her new “home” the supposed annoying traits and working habits, unsavory talk that hounded her in her former “residence”, ABS-CBN, which has already bade her good riddance.

Jason and Melai: This overrated Pinoy Big Brother couple has been winning the hearts of viewers, but we don’t think their popularity will last very long. They will definitely be given projects right after they are kicked out of Big Brother’s House, but they do not have what it takes to sustain their 15 minutes of fame. At the most, Melai, who most of my friends suspect has ADHD, will play Pokwang’s daughter in the movies and she might be able to snatch a hosting job on Wowowee, but she will eventually irk Willie Revillame with her over-the-top antics. Her partner Jason is so bland and so uninteresting that he will exit faster than he entered show business, even if he bears Melai a child.

Hayden Kho Jr.: He will still be Vicki Belo’s one true love.

Marian Rivera and Carla Abellana: Marian will still get the best projects on GMA. She has worked hard to reach her current status and she is definitely playing her cards right. Carla will be given another chance, perhaps to star in a tragic love story, but she doesn’t have the right elements to propel her to superstardom.

Krista Ranillo: A controversy doesn’t make a star.

Manny Pacquiao: He can’t have everything he wants. This is a lesson Manny should learn fast. His movie landed last in the recent Metro Manila Film Festival. He should stop dreaming about becoming an actor. It’s either he wins in his second bid for politics or he gets beaten by Floyd Mayweather. Or perhaps it would be the other way around. And if he continues to be seduced by starlets, it’s not impossible for him to lose everything—including Jinkee.

Vic Sotto: It’s either he will have a new baby or he will marry his TV host fiancée.

Sid Lucero and Coco Martin: The next best leading men. We can bet our money on these talented actors.

Maricar Reyes, Ina Feleo, Max Eigenmann, Maja Salvador: The next best leading ladies. They’ve got what it takes.

Dominic Roco, Felix Roco, Rocco Nacino, Guji Lorenzana, Micah Muñoz: Certainly the most promising and should be given the projects they so deserve.

Jackie Rice, Renzo Cruz, Bettina Carlos, Jordan Herrera: They can be the new breed of contravidas—beautiful, daring, lean and mean.

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