Osang: Teachers should be the ones to issue a public apology

An association of teachers is demanding for a public apology from Rosanna Roces aka Osang in connection with her offensive words against educators last Thursday, January 7, 2010, while judging a group of performers on ABS-CBN's Showtime.

But knowing Osang, she would not just give in to pressure easily.

In a text message sent to ABS-CBN News, Osang said that teachers are the ones who should issue a public apology.
"Ang mga guro ang dapat mag-public apology. I'm a freeman and I have the right to say whatever I want to say," Osang told TV Patrol World.

In fairness to Osang, she already said sorry at the end part of the January 7 episode. She said that she was not talking to teachers in general.

On TV Patrol World, Osang said in a separate text message prior to the one above that she's grateful to ABS-CBN for allowing her to apologize and clear things out last Thursday. She said that she has found a true Kapamilya unlike in other network when she was also caught in almost the same situation but was left hanging in the air.

Good news to Showtime fanatics: Depending on the meeting between MTRCB and ABS-CBN this Thursday, the 20-day suspension might either be lifted or shortened.

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