Kenny replaces Tom on PBB Double Up's Resbak Attack

It was announced on PBB Uplate last night that a member of the Task Force Resbak Attack has opted to leave the house instead of joining the team in being harsh and mean to the 8 remaining housemates.

And guess who left?

It's Tom Rodriguez (Tom Mott) who during his time as housemate was given a forced eviction for his unintentional "violent" action.

And this time around, he and Kuya made a mutual decision that Tom would just leave the house because he could not withstand doing psy-war against the other housemates.

Tom also has prior commitments, probably his unfinished shoot for Precious Hearts Romances: My Cheating Heart and he's about to start shooting for his first movie Babe, I Love You under Star Cinema.

While I feel sad with Tom's departure, I am happier to know that Kenny Santos has replaced Tom in the Resbak Attack team.

Yes, Kenny is definitely back and he owns that round, firm butt in the 24/7 live feed screenshot below:

And that is why, Rica Paras was spotted going behind him and so "gigil". Look:

Thanks to PEX user segway23 for the screencap!

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