'Taylor Lautner is dead of drug overdose' just a rumor

I must admit...I really got worried and nervous when I read on some Twitter tweets that the adorable Taylor Lautner died of drug overdose Sunday evening. But only to learn later that it's just another death rumor which has been a trend on Twitter since last year.

Probably, it's the first celebrity death rumor this 2010 and wonder why there are still many people who continue to make fun of it.

No credible news reports could support it that's why the rumor would just suffer a natural death in a day or two.

Taylor Lautner played Jacob Black in the past two 'Twilight' movies and the rumor just proves that he's the latest phenomenon in Hollywood. He's actually just one of the many famous celebrities who were rumored dead, like Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas, Eminem and a lot more.

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  1. Unfortunately, if we don't get doctors and people to understand the dangers of prescription drugs we will be losing family members and celebrities more and more frequently.

    OxyContin is legal heroin and just as deadly and addictive.