Cathy Remperas is evicted, but joins Resbak Attack Task Force

Catherine 'Cathy' Remperas of Cebu (ang babaeng pinag-aagawan nina Johan Santos at Hermes Bautista) has been evicted from the PBB house tonight.

She actually got the 2nd highest "votes to save" but unfortunately, her haters outnumbered her followers that led to her
eviction tonight.

Here's tonight's results:

1. Melisa 33.46%
2. Cathy 10.40%
3. Tibo 4.74%
4. Hermes 2.76%
5. Mariel 1.98%

1. Cathy 23.94%
2. Hermes 13.19%
3. Mariel 5.53%
4. Tibo 2.43%
5. Melisa 1.60%

1. Melisa 31.86%
2. Tibo 2.32%
3. Mariel -3.55%
4. Hermes -10.43%
5. Cathy -13.54% - EVICTED

After tonight's results, the Big 4 this season becomes predictable. Possible Big 4 (in this order): 1. Melisa 2. Jason 3. Johan 4. Paul Jake

But Mommy Kath might be a surprise inclusion.


Cathy has been voted out by the public, but she's not actually evicted from the house because she'll join 7 other ex-housemates for the "Resbak Attack". Along with Cathy are Princess Manzon, Delio Dimaculangan, Tom Rodriguez, Yuri Okawa, Rob Stumvoll, Patrick Villanueva and Rica Paras. (How sad! No Carol and Kenny)

For now, they will stay in House B and will be given special tasks to test the characters of the 8 remaining housemates.

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