Big 5 on the Big Night of PBB Double Up

Pinoy Big Brother has just made a big announcement, which is another first in PBB history. Instead of the usual Big 4, there will be a Big 5 during the Big Night happening on February 13, 2010 at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium.

After surviving tonight's eviction, Melisa Cantiveros has officially jumped to 'Big 5' which is her reward to the challenge she won a few days back. Four among Jason Francisco, Paul Jake Castillo, Johan Santos, Tibo Jumalon and Mariel Soriño will join Melisa in the Big 5 and it will be revealed after the season's last eviction on Saturday, February 6.

During the eviction tonight, we saw La Señora ng España Kathleen Lopeña-Ortego or Mommy Kath to her fellow housemates being evicted from the PBB house after she got the lowest percentage of votes. Mommy Kath entered the house with husband Jimson
Ortega last October, but Jimson was the first to be evicted from the house, leaving Kath inside. She stayed longer, survived two evictions and reached this far which is just two weeks away from the Big 5 until she got evicted tonight.

Mommy Kath is being considered the nicest housemate this season.

Here's the results:

1. Melisa 24.73%
2. Jason 22.56%
3. Paul Jake 20.57%
4. Johan 10.87%
5. Kath 3.43%

1. Jason 3.97%
2. Melisa 3.92%
3. Kath 3.81%
4. Johan 3.48%
5. Paul Jake 2.67%

1. Melisa 20.81%
2. Jason 18.59%
3. Paul Jake 17.90%
4. Johan 7.39%
5. Kath -0.38%

After tonight's eviction, here's the possible Big 5 (in this order):
1. Melai 2. Jason 3. Paul Jake 4. Johan 5. Tibo

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