Miss World-Caribbean Is Pregnant, Gives Up Crown


JAMAICA: Miss Jamaica 2006 Sara Lawrence, who represented her country in Miss World last December, has decided to relinquish her crown because she is 12 weeks pregnant and due to give birth on September.

The crown is supposed to be relinquished in August this year as the new Miss Jamaica World will be crowned. Sara's predecessor, Miss Jamaica 2005, might be asked to take over according to Ms. Jamaica World promoter, Mickey Haughton-James.

"I believe that it is my moral obligation to do what I believe to be ethically correct and will follow what I believe to be right," Sara said on her official statement.

The pageant organizers of Jamaiza were somehow disappointed but they appeal to all Jamaicans to understand Sara Lawrence's condition.

The Miss World organization through its Executive Chairman Julia Morley, however, has expressed its full support to Sara. As Miss World Caribbean 2006, Sara will not be replaced.

Morley said, "It is not for us to in any way condemn her but to give our full blessing and to assist and support her. Since she is pregnant she needs our love and good wishes which she certainly has from all of us here. I have no intention of removing her title. I think we should all stand together on this matter and whilst this obviously is not a normal situation it would be ridiculous not to realize these things do happen and we must realize that in the 21st century it is more likely to happen."

Sara's pregnancy is being debated upon by different social organizations. Some were really disappointed with what happened because she was an advocate of AIDS prevention, promoting safe sex but she herself got pregnant because of practicing unsafe sex.

Beauty pageants like Ms. World have widened their understanding about this kind of issue. In fact, in 1999 at Miss Universe pageant in Trinidad & Tobago, the question then was related to that of Sara's condition.

The final 3 candidates, Spain, Philippines & Botswana, were asked the same question: "If you become pregnant during your reign as Miss Universe, what would you do? Would you continue to reign?"

Spain answered yes, she would continue to travel as Miss Universe and that being pregnant shouldn't hinder her at all. Then Ms. Philippines was asked the same question, almost choked and answered that becoming pregnant wouldn't interfere with her travels or her duties. Lastly, Ms. Botswana's turn and she answered, "I think it should not in anyway interrupt her duties, she should celebrate her femininity. Having children is a celebration of womanhood for all females, including beauty queens," and she eventually won.

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