Say Goodbye To Jasmin

1ST Eviction Night
March 25, 2007

PBB Season 2 1st Evictee: Jasmin Engracia of Davao
She only got 10.82% of text and online votes.

These three housemates were saved and shall continue to stay inside the Big Brother house:

Gee-Ann Abraham of Quezon City, 43.37% of votes

Kian Kazemi of Makati City of 25.19% of votes

Beatriz Saw of Bicol, 20.62% of votes

Other highlights of the 1st Eviction Night:

Pinoy Dream Academy's Grand Star Dreamer Yeng Constantino ushered the night through a number with the CEBALO, composed of Panky Trinidad, Yvan Lambatan, Eman Abatayao and Davey Langit.

It was also shown that on the next nomination night, which is tomorrow March 26, Wendy Valdez will be given the power to change one of the nominees as her prize when she answered Big Brother's 7th call. She could apply that privilege to herself if it happens she gets a nomination tomorrow.

And the shocking issue for the night was about Dionne and Ezekiel. At this moment, I could say that Ezekiel is not my favorite anymore. The way he plays with Dionne or the way he fools around with her isn't acceptable for me. When he is confronted about the flirtations, he always plays safe, denies and puts Dionne into a shameful situation when in fact, he should also be responsible for his own action. Though, Dionne has also a fault regarding the issue. On the coming days, Big Brother is yet to decide whethere Dionne will be given an automatic expulsion due to the "biting" incident.

Since Kian is saved, he will be exempted to be nominated tomorrow as his immunity when he emerged as champion during their Lig-Task Game.

Watch out for the PBB 2: 2nd Nomination Night, Monday, March 26, 2007

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