Most Marketable Athlete Survey

conducted by Sports Business Daily
as voted by 65 sports business and media executives

Respondents were asked to name their most marketable active athletes for brands trying to reach North American audience, most marketable athletes five years from now and most marketable retired athletes. No choices were given. It was the respondents who gave their own choices.

Here are the results:

Most Marketable Athlete for brands Trying to Reach North American Companies:
1.) Tiger Woods
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2.) Peyton Manning
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3.) LeBron James
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4.) Derek Jeter
5.) Dwyane Wade
6.) Dale Earnhardt Jr.
7.) Tom Brady
8.) Shaquille O'Neal
9.) Maria Sharapova (the only woman on the list)
10.)Sidney Corsby, Kobe Bryant & Brett Favre (triple tie)

Most Marketable Active Athlete Five Years from now:
1.) Tiger Woods
2.) LeBron James
3.) Dwyane Wade
4.) Reggie Bush
5.) Peyton Manning
6.) Sidney Crosby
7.) David Beckham
8.) Matt Leinart
9.) Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
10.)Vince Young

Most Marketable Retired Athlete:

1.) Michael Jordan
2.) Cal Ripken Jr.
3.) Charles Barkley
4.) Jack Nicklaus
5.) Lance Armstrong
6.) Muhammad Ali
7.) Dan Marino
8.) Wayne Gretzy
9.) Arnold Palmer
10.)Andre Agassi

Sources: Yahoo! News, Sports Business Daily, Athlebrities

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