Mykiru's 100th Post: How Big Is Luis'?

I am so glad that for just barely a month, 24 days to be exact, my blog has found a niche of its own on the internet.

And now, I am writing my 100th post. I could not imagine that my blog had 99 posts already considering that it's on for only 24 days.

Well, it is you, my visitors and friends in the whole world, who inspire me to present to you only the best, and nothing but the best of items that would be of great interest to you.

For my 100th post, I present to you Luis Philippe "Lucky" Manzano. Why Luis? Why is he that special that I've chosen him as my 100th post??

Well, I find Luis special 'coz I feel like I grow up with him.

Since I was a kid, I've been hooked up watching television. And at a very young age, I had already seen Lucky on television and I've known him as the precious son of Philippines' top celebrities Vilma Santos and Edu Manzano.

Same goes with the Mega daughter Ma. Kristina Cassandra "KC" Concepcion, I feel that Luis, KC and I, grow up together. It's ambitious to say that, honestly.

Luis is 24, KC is 21 and I'm 23 years old. I can say I really grew up with them. I grew up watching television and Luis grew up on my very own eyes.

When he was young, I saw him on TV wearing eyeglasses, looking nerd and shy, with less exposure, until I saw him modelling, staging his skills and showcasing his great masculine physique.

As he grows, his success grows the same way for him. He had been hosting Myx and ASAP. Luis also hosted Star Circle Quest, Qpids, Fanatics, Pinoy Big Brother and ventured into acting via Kampanerang Kuba, Bora, Crazy 4 U, All About Luv and soon on Ang Cute ng Ina Mo.
Luis is no longer the "Lucky" that I knew. He has grown up, and has achieved big things on his own. But he's luckier than ever. Having supportive and ideal parents, bright career and a glowing youthfulness, what more could he wish for?

I wish he could finally find the girl he has been looking for, will it be Anne Curtis? or Toni Gonzaga? Or the newest, Angelica Panganiban? Whoever she will be, she's gonna be the luckiest to have Luis.

Luis, like his parents, manages to stay that big. I know, the title of this post sounds like a naughty one. Yes, he already admitted on a tabloid that he was cursed to have a big "thing," and according to him, it's evident while he's on his costume as Juris in the upcoming tele-epiko Rounin on ABS-CBN.

But that's not the only big for Luis. He is also known to have a big heart and a great personality. In fact, he's one of the very few celebrities who have beautiful personalities. He has great sensitivity that he will not think twice in reaching out to others, share his blessings and offer a shoulder to ease the burden of others.

With that, Luis will continue to grow with me, and will always be an inspiration to me. I'll keep on wishing that I'd be as "lucky" and as "big" as he is, on my own right.

To my blog visitors, thank you for the continuous support you have for me.
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  1. hi congrats to you mykiru..ive been following your blog all through out..and im happy that you've gone so far

    by the way, kaw ba ung nakasabay ko sa pbb audition?

  2. huh???? nag audition ka rin?? alin ka dun?? refresh my memory please

  3. di ba magkakasunod tayo sa linya, with roi, tracy and francis...

  4. uy post mo old pix ni lucky para masaya!!!

    uy pop up mo nlng ang comment box mo pra hindi naalis dun sa page ang readers..

    ska pla, bkt 2 ang blogs mo?.. sana isa nlng pra isa lng pupuntahan ko.. :) ska pra pagsumikat ka, di malilito readers! :)

    go to for more hollywood chizmax! :)

  5. anyway, congrats plan sa blog mo.. :)

    lots of interesting stuff!!!!