Do Not Read: Anna Nicole's Diary Belongs To The Highest Bidder


Anna Nicole Smith's diary which contains scandalous revelations on her life, marriage and sex will be auctioned at eBay starting on March 22.

The bidding for Anna Nicole's diary is expected to reach between $500,OOO to $1M.

The diary is said to be found only in a garbage can where it was thrown by Anna Nicole's mother.

Issues on marriage, sex, drugs and abortion as well as her previous relationships including her controversial marriage with billionaire J. Howard Marshall can be found in the private diary.

Here are some lines taken from the diary:
"He will only support me if I have it. But if I decide to go the other way he won't. I'll be on my own. I think that's tacky. I'm scared."

"My husband is very sick. I want every hour to comfort him."

"I hate for men to want sex all the time. I hate sex!"

"I miss. He's probably seeing someone else. I hate that I love him."

The live auction shall happen atEbay.

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