Mykiru Isyusero 10 Hottest Issues for the Week

Issue 001: What if..You're a World Record Holder? Take a look at 5 World Records you do not want to hold.

Issue 002: Lesbian Kissing vs Gay Kissing? Why do men love to watch two girls kissing?

Issue 003: Starstruck Favors Rich Over Stef. And why Prince over Paolo?

Issue 004: Young Actors On Sex Business. Guess who the actors being referred to by a blind item.

Issue 005: Epic Movie '300' Breaks Box Office Records. '300' becomes the first monster hit of 2007

Issue 006: Woman Weds Corpse. An Indian woman still decided to marry his boyfriend just before he was cremated.

Issue 007: Getting Even. Get to know how a husband gets even with his wife.

Issue 008: Love Blossoms in Pinoy Big Brother. Committed girl housemate gets intimate with an unattached boy housemate.

Issue 009: Scary Fifteen: What Scares a Man?

Issue 010: Spit or Swallow? On which side are you? Plus Katya Santos' interview on DJ Mo's 40 Forbidden Questions

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