Hot Jobs For 2007


In 2005, the Top 10 Jobs released by the Fast Company Magazine, a publication in the US, were:
1. personal finance adviser
2. medical scientist
3. computer software engineer
4. chiropractor
5. environmental engineer
6. biochemist and biophysicist
7. sales manager
8. epidemiologist
9. computer system analyst
10. athlete

A year after, Hot Jobs for 2006 were:
1. lawyer
2. personal financial adviser
3. sales manager
4. management analysts
5. computer & information systems manager
6. financial manager
7. securities, commodities and financial services sales agents
8. marketing manager
9. computer software engineers
10. chiropractors

Now, in 2007, here's the new hottest jobs for the year:
1. experience designer
2. medical researcher
3. web designer
4. security systems engineer
5. urban planners
6. viral marketers and media promoters
7. talent agents
8. buyers and purchasing agents
9. art directors
10 news analysts, reporters and bloggers

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