Family Conflicts, Who's To Suffer The Worst?

In an article by the Philippine Entertainment Portal or PEP on March 15, 2007, it was reported that actress Rosanna Roces has finally agreed to let her 2-yr old grandson Budoy to attend his father's birthday celebration that day.

Prior to that, Osang (Rosanna's petname) was asked on ABS-CBN's The Buzz if she will let Budoy attend young actor Jolo Revilla's birthday and she firmly said "NO!".

On the last paragraph of the article, PEP left some questions for the readers: "Bakit si Rosanna Roces ang nagdidikta ng pagkikita ng mag-ama? Ano ang legal niyang karapatan para sabihin kung kelan puwede at hindi puwedeng makita ni Jolo si Budoy? Habang buhay ba niyang hahawakan ang bata? May korte bang nakapagsabing siya ang legal guardian? May korte bang nagsabi nang hindi karapat-dapat ang ama sa anak? Di ba legal age na si Grace, ang ina ng bata? Hanggang kailan aamu-amuhin ng mga Revilla si Rosanna para "ipahiram" ang bata? Apo lang niya ito; anak ito ni Jolo."

Well, we could not blame Rosanna for her gestures because there were reports before that the Revillas decided to send allowance to Budoy, not monetary allowance but in goods like milk, diapers, etc. The reason given why no more monetary allowance was that, the Revillas according the the rumors did not want other people taking care of Budoy, probably referring to Osang and her daughter Grace, to use the money for themselves.

Though unconfirmed, it could be the very reason why Osang acted that way. It could be unintentional on the part of the Revillas, but it is offensive for sensitive Osang. Who wouldn't? It is offensive, whether it's true or untrue for Osang.

That is why, Osang proved that Grace, Budoy's mother, does not need any single centavo from ex-boyfriend Jolo by informing the public that Grace has already a rich, young boyfriend from Baguio City.

I just hope that both sides will be able to settle their differences now before the innocent Budong comes into knowledge of what's happening a year or two from now. So he could have a happy childhood at least, having the support of both sides and he could be proud of the family he belongs. -

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